War Edit

The Incarnation of War is one of the primary incarnations responsible for overseeing conflict in the mortal world.

Primary Function Edit

As might be inferred from his name the incarnation war is responsible for overseeing major conflicts in the mortal world.

Rather than existing to create war, the incarnation exists to reduce the suffering created by war and reduce the overall brutality associated with war in general. Within the context of the series, war is explained to be a necessary evil and the means by which humanity is able to solve problems which are too great to be addressed in other ways. Through the powers granted him by his office the incarnation is able to step into the bodies/lives of others and alter the course of battles, or even wars as a whole.

Equipment Edit

War, like all other incarnations, uses a number of different tools in the course of his duties. The most important of which include the Red Sword, and the Doomsday Clock

The Red Sword Edit

The Red Sword is War's primary tool and his greatest asset to performing the tasks required by his job. In addition to being a weapon of considerable power, as like Death's scythe it is able to cut through any known substance with ease, the sword allows war to enter into the bodies of others and control their actions. Additionally, the sword serves as the Incarnations badge of office and exhibits semi-sentient behavior as evidenced by its ability to seek out a new incarnation without apparent external help. The sword also allows War to freeze local time as well as serving as his method of travel, being able to move him in any direction at any speed desired while also allowing him to phase through solid objects. The sword has also shown the ability to amplify anger and aggression to facilitate conflict.

The Doomsday Clock Edit

The Doomsday Clock is a physical object under the control of the Incarnation of War which reflects the current level of conflict in the mortal world. The hands of the clock count down to midnight which is meant to represent the time until Doomsday. As part of the powers granted by the office of War the Incarnation has shown the ability to speed up the clock and accelerate conflict on a global scale. Mym used this tool to counter Satan's plot as Satan was not yet ready for the world to end while the balance still favored God. It is unclear if the power shown by the clock is located within the clock itself, or if the clock is merely a tool to facilitate the power of the Red Sword.

Companions Edit

Like some of the other Incarnations, War is assisted by several lesser incarnations who faciliate aspects of his job. These companions together form the four horsemen and are the representations of slaughter, pestilence, famine, and conquest.