The incarnation of evil must first vanquish their predecessor and then choose a different name and form then have 30 days to prove themselves in the position by learning the power to banish demons which doesn’t actually exist and if exposed would prevent any future incarnation of evil from exercising proper control and if they succeed they established respect and authority from the demons then the previous lord of evil becomes a truly damned soul and serves loyally and faithfully. If they fail then the previous lord of evil can reclaim their position. The office can be immediately seized by the vanquisher but if not it finds the most evil person on the planet. Satan is to generate evil in the world in his office. His powers are lies which includes memory’s,visions,shape changing,invisibility, misdirection,transfiguration, mesmerizing and voice mimicry. Like all incarnation he is immortal and his symbol is the inverted pentagram. He can also read thoughts and may be advocated by singing a forbidden song and marriage with a good woman